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The Murphy Clan is onto year 4 of this parenting adventure. We are happy to keep sharing some our proudest and silliest moments with all our family and friends. We hope you enjoy our new format!

Downtown Murphys

The sun was projected to be shining and there was a chance we could frolic outside without heavy coats.  I was pumped.  (Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m being dramatic, but those two weeks of winter had made me think … Continue reading

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Nope I’m not singing over here!  I’m just trying to find some respect in my  own house from these three little munchkins I’ve been given the joy of raising. Somewhere in the last month, we (and we includes everyone with … Continue reading

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Unknown milestones

We sat in the front row during the Ash Wednesday service at church this past week.  We includes all three kids.  The sign outside the sanctuary said to “Enter in silence.”  When I read those words, my anxiety peaked a … Continue reading

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Who’s idea was this…version 843!

I’m not going to try and backtrack over the past 6 months I’ve been absent from this blog.  That is life.  It has happened before.  It will happen again.  I wrote about a lot of things over the past 6 … Continue reading

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Up, Up and Away

 You know its going to be a good day at Reunion Tower when you husband forgets to wear his shirt!!!  Oh wait, there it is! Gotta love technology….but wait I’m getting ahead of myself! Sean took the boys to the … Continue reading

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Can you karate chop an angry bird?

I have no idea.  But if I were going to find out it would have been today at Bauer’s angry bird karate birthday party! We decided to mix things up a little this year after two years of swim birthday … Continue reading

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Survival of the fittest…

Reunited and it felt so good!  Pine Cove 14 is in the books! We survived a week at Pine Cove.  Some parts of the “we” were actually at the camp, some were not.  I would say the one who got … Continue reading

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