The stars aligned…

…and the prayers of so many of my supporters have been answered.

I’ve had an incredible day thus far (it’s only 3:06pm) with my 3 little b’s today.

I’m fresh from the weekend and started my morning out with a great walk with a dear friend.  And I figured out a few things to try differently today.

I normally make the mistake of asking Bree what she wants to do with our day.  She normally says “Stay home and play with me.”  I then give her 15 different options of things we could do in the house and then ask her if she is sure she doesn’t want to go to the zoo, the park, etc.  She starts getting agitated because she said she wants to stay home.  And then she grabs her blanket and asks to watch a tv show (her safe zone) away from any more questions.  I get frustrated because my child never wants to leave the house and the whole day just starts off a little bit off kilter.

So today I started the conversation differently.  I’m the mom and while I have very little control about most things, I can decide the itinerary of our days.  So I said in my most excited voice that we were going to go to the museum today (the FW Museum of Science and History).  I started getting clothes out for everyone and told Bauer to go pick out some trains to take.  I packed up some lunches and in a matter of 30 minutes (thanks to Sean’s help) we were in the minivan on our way.  We got there right as the museum opened (read prime parking) and we loaded up in the BOB stroller and off we went.

And instead of rushing to the kid’s zone (where I know the kids will have fun) we explored some other parts of this amazing place.  The kids loved it.  It was almost like we were there for the first time.

Bree got a kick out of the gigantic light brite (she did not make the letters MOM)!

We checked out the dinosaurs and Bree pretended to be a baby tyrannosaurus rex.  Bauer was obsessed with the magnifying glasses that let him see the fossils.  Can we say attention span out of nowhere.

We played outside at the water exhibit for an hour and half.  And ate our lunch in the midst of all the fun.  Bree had been asking to eat her lunch since the moment we arrived at the museum.  I kept telling her we needed to wait until lunch time.  She was insistent that we needed to eat NOW.  I was beginning to get annoyed and I said to myself, “Why do I care when she eats.  Am I willing to make this a battle that could ruin our morning?”

So I gave her the chips, oranges and peanut butter sandwich.  Bauer ate a little bit later.  And the world did not end because we ate lunch before 11am.    Good lesson for mommy!

After we left the water exhibit, we tried out the Dinosaur Dig.  We had never been out to that exhibit.  I pushed Bennett in the stroller until he fell asleep and then let the kids burn off their last bit of energy.

They actually played together…Bauer and Bree that is…it was almost as if they liked each other today.  Did I say something about stars aligning???

We got out of the place without a major meltdown by the kids or mommy.  Everyone was fed and happy and my favorite EXHAUSTED.

We headed home and I kept the older b’s awake by promising them some marshmallows for dessert when we got home.  Bribery still has a huge role in my parenting philosophy.

Then I made Bauer change clothes and diaper before getting said marshmallows.  Bree went potty and changed into pjs before getting said marshmallows.  I gave them to them to eat in bed.  YEP…BRILLIANT!

That was almost 2 hours ago….haven’t heard a peep yet.

Bennett also went back to sleep.

Miracles are happening over here.

We needed one and I’m so thankful for it.

And for this day with my b’s.  We all needed a few smiles just like the one below!

As hard as this parenting game is, I do appreciate the ability to try out new game plans as often as you like.  It gives me a chance to incorporate all the lessons I learn the hard way each and every day!

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