We are open for business…

…the Murphy baby pool that is!It’s amazing that this target blow-up pool has been with us since Bree was just a baby…and while I was growing a baby Bauer inside me!

June 2008

It came back out the next summer to greet a walking Bauer and toddler Bree.

June 2009

It continued to cool us down in 2010 while I was growing a baby Bennett and trying to entertain two toddlers.

June 2010

And here we are with summer upon us again.  We got it up and running yesterday and introduced Bennett to all the water fun.

June 2011

All my water babies…

I think Bennett is a fan…
…I know I am!

Funny how when we first bought this pool we had no idea how quickly we would fill it up…

It’s created lots of memories.  Swimsuits or just diapers.  Bath toys or a make shift slide.  A basketball game or a tea party.  There is always a new adventure.

It’s done its job.  And cooled us off.

Glad we could open for business again in 2011.

Here’s hoping we have a few more good years with the jungle pool!

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The Murphy Clan is onto year 4 of this parenting adventure. We are happy to keep sharing some our proudest and silliest moments with all our family and friends. We hope you enjoy our new format!
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