What a ride!

Boy, did I ever need this past weekend.

Last week pushed me to the brink…of exhaustion.  I had a few things going on that might have contributed to the tiredness.  A few long nights at work, being back at work full-time, commuting from Arlington to Plano/Richardson, and the continued fun of house hunting topped off by one of the most roller-coaster type losses for TCU Frog Football in quite some time.

But despite all those obstacles, I also spent some fabulous hours meeting a great new group of men and women that I’m going to be lucky enough to call my new colleagues, meeting a ton of great student leaders, welcoming people to an open house for the new Fraternity and Sorority Life offices at UTD, and the dropping my kids at what I know is going to be a stellar pre-school experience for all us Murphys.

Things are slowly (for incredibly quickly) coming together.

We inspected two different houses last week…one failed miserably and one passed with flying colors.  Wonder which one we will end up  buying?!!!

We showed our house 3 times…fingers crossed an offer or the showings keep coming!

We all made it through the busy busy week in good spirits and more importantly in good health.

I absolutely love my job!  I feel so empowered and so ready to take it on.  I’m learning but I’m able to jump in because of all my prior experience!  The students are smart…really, really smart.  And I know I am going to enjoy working with them.

The kids seem to be adjusting well to their new school and new schedule.

Bree has gotten several notes about her fabulous behavior and just what a delight she is to have in class.

Bauer is still not potty trained and went through every pair of shorts he owned last week at school.  We also got a phone call on Thursday asking for tricks in dealing with him. Pretty standard….we do remember this “beautiful mess” I call Bauer!

Bennett has been napping like a pro…I think he is just so surprised to be in a crib several times a day and not being carted around DFW in the minivan.

It has been so fun to pick up the kids from school this past week mainly because they are so excited to see us, but also because Bree is at the age where we can ask her all about her day and she can really tell us.  She tells me about all the things she did…music class, playing outside, what she ate for lunch, who she played with.  It just makes it so much more interesting to really walk through her day with her.  Bauer is not at this point.  If I went by what he told me I’d be panicking thinking he has never eaten, never played on the playground, never talked to another little boy or girl…etc.  I’m going to just assume the best of his day!

After Sean and I sped down to Waco this past Friday to watch TCU lose to Baylor by 2 POINTS (I’m so almost over it) and then sped back to Arlington to pick up our kids at the babysitters at 12:30am, we all crashed.

This is the ONLY picture I have from the Baylor/TCU game…giant drippy turkey leg.  I should have known this was not a good omen!

We did not get out of our pjs on Saturday.  We took naps (okay, I took two naps) and were lazy all day.  It was amazing.  I went to bed at 9pm on Saturday night.

Bennett wasn’t very lazy…he worked hard on crawling forward and I’m happy to announce at 10 months old, he is finally crawling using stellar form!Bauer and Bennett love to play hide and seek from each other (Bauer throws his blankets over Bennett making him hide).

Sunday I was feeling a little more human.  We spent the afternoon checking out our new neighborhood in Plano.  We looked at flooring we may put in the home, ate lunch and played at the playground directly behind our house.  We feel like its going to be a great fit for our family!

Today, we had a fabulous playdate with the Naders and rode the Trinity Train in FW while some we had a showing of our house.  We topped off the night with some yummy Pappasittos and I’ll be hitting the hay very soon.

Picnic with Lydia, Bauer and Bree

FW Trinity Train

Feeling well rested and ready to take on another crazy week!  I will conquer UTD recruitment this week so don’t worry if you don’t hear about me until mid next week!

Thanks again for all the well wishes and cheering from the sidelines!

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