Hitting a straightaway…

We are still here.  Here being Arlington most nights and Richardson/Plano most days!

Life is moving along at a crazy rate and we are getting used to what is our new “normal”!

Bennett continue to gets faster and more independent using this new crawling thing to follow Sean and I around the house.  It is one of my favorite parts of babies…the crawling, following machine.  He finds me in my bathroom when I’m showering and finds Sean in his office when he’s watching the final few minutes of the football game.  It is hilarious.

While there are lots of smiles at home, Bennett has hit a huge phase of separation anxiety at school.  He cries the minute we walk in the door (of the building).  I asked his teacher the other day if he cries for every long after I leave and she made the mistake of telling me that he cries off and on all day long.  I nearly broke down right there in the classroom.  The only thing that saved me was the fact that I was so shocked she had been so bluntly honest.  I dropped off the other two and ran out to the car to call Sean, MK and then the director of the pre-school.  She promised me that this was just a phase and that she would go down there every hour to check on his demeanor.  She did and I got a note in his bag and two phone calls during the day to let me know how happy he was.

He has been the “happiest” kid ever since I made that phone call.

Bree continues to love school.  And Bauer actually has been going in without a fight.  His teacher said he has been so interactive and way more fun in the last week.  YAY!

We have most mornings down to a good schedule.  I’ve been tired…real tired and haven’t gotten in as many runs I would hope in the mornings, but have been making it to work mostly on time.  I am soooooo looking forward to not having to commute anymore.  Bree is starting to ask everytime we are in the car, “How much longer?” so I know she is too!

Our closing date on our new house in Plano is the 29th…and we may more that up a few days if we can.  So it is soooo close!  And we are getting more excited by the day.  Not so much about the packing, but about the close proximity to our new lives!  Packing has not started…next weekend I keep telling myself!

My job is still going fabulous.  I finished both Panhellenic and IFC recruitment and the kids have gotten to come up to school to visit a few times.  They even wore their new UTD t-shirts this past weekend.

Our newest sorority members at UTD!

Bauer at IFC Bid Day!

Bree helping welcome all the new FIJIs!

Now that I’m back working full-time, I’m realizing how much more special my weekend time with the kiddos will be.  I took Bree as my date to the home opener for TCU football this past Saturday (Sean was out of town).  We had such a fun girl date.  First we went to Charming Charlies to buy some new headbands for my little diva.  And then we cheered on the frogs for a great quarter of football.

Today we had a great family day starting with breakfast at Le Peep.  We attempted to find some balloons at the Plano Balloon Festival and then went to Bauer’s first soccer practice.  We finished the afternoon with a great birthday party for one of Bree’s friends at her new school at a fun gymnastics place.  The whole family was worn out.

Bauer’s first soccer practice involved some really intense playing for the 10 minutes before practice started and the first 8 minutes of practice.  He was then done and patient Dad made him watch the rest of practice.  Here’s hoping the game will hold his attention a little bit more!  He sure looked cute out there with his new orange ball!

So that’s our update!  It’s not always pretty…and there are some cranky Murphys here and there…but we are doing great and continuing to count our blessings that thankfully keep appearing around every corner!

Here’s to week four of our new “normal”!!

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The Murphy Clan is onto year 4 of this parenting adventure. We are happy to keep sharing some our proudest and silliest moments with all our family and friends. We hope you enjoy our new format!
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