Organized tantrums…

So I hope by now if you are still reading this blog, you know that I try to document things as they happen.  I try to put a positive spin on things at the end for my own sanity, but attempt to honestly put it out there…the good, bad and the ugly.

Also, most of you who read this blog know that I struggle with Bauer.  He is so much of me and so much of Sean and the reality of his behavior and just overall personality is too much for me to deal with on most days.  He is stubborn, strong-willed, and just a red headed mess.  We’ve been over this…nothing has changed on this front.

But secretly (or not so secretly), I was hoping that some of it was middle kid syndrome.   I was thinking that if we could just get him in something organized that he knew was just about him, then we would see a new spark, a moment of hope, a minute to just cheer for him and celebrate all the energy he exerts for once in a positive way.

So we signed up this beautiful mess for soccer.  He got so mad last summer when he didn’t get to play and Bree did.   He loves to kick the ball with us at home.  We asked him if he wanted to play on a team (yes, we asked the 3 year old) and he said more than once, “YES”.

We tried to have no expectations going into the first practice and watched in awe as he actually looked like he was going to play along and participate and dare I say, have fun.

Then as I alluded to in the last blog, he got 8 minutes into practice and the glory of what could have been ended.  No more practice that day.  Just crying and screaming everytime Sean mentioned going back on the field.

Okay, we will ease you into this kid.

Last night was practice 2.  We headed over the to the field after I picked up the kids from school.  Bauer was happily eating his mini oreos and chiming in occasionally about his excitement for soccer practice.

Sean got his shoes on (which I thought would be the hardest battle).   Bree went off to play on the playground.  I set up my “soccer mom” camp with two chairs outside the minivan, a bottle for Bennett, snacks for all of us…

Bauer picked up his ball  in one hand and had the rest of his mini oreos in a container in the other hand and headed towards the field.

We were ready.

Cue the tantrum…cue the world’s loudest and most embarrasing tantrum…cue the “you need to put your oreos down so you can participate in soccer practice” tantrum…cue the “I’m going to scream so loud and for so long that I will make myself sick” tantrum.

Yep, that was last night at soccer practice.

I wish I had a picture of Sean and I during all of this.

At one point, we were each in one of the two chairs outside the minivan.  Bauer was crying inside the minivan refusing to come out and yelling repeatedly that he wanted more oreos.  Bree runs up and says she has to go potty and proceeds to get out the baby potty from the backseat and deposit the largest turd I’ve ever seen in it and pull up her pants and run back to the park.  Bennett is just wanting to crawl with the bugs and eat grass and is frustrated that I won’t let him.  Sean and I just looked at each other and were like “what have we done to our lives”.

Soccer practice 3 in on Saturday morning.  Most of me wants to throw in the towel, but the other little part of me thinks (foolishly, I’m sure) that if we just get him to the game we will be home-free.  Or we should make this 3 year old (who can’t remember anything for more more than 2 minutes) understand that you don’t quit things…

So yes, we are setting ourselves up for more organized tantrums.  We paid $60 for these tantrums and gosh darn it we are going to get our money’s worth!

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