Boy oh boy…

When I first discovered we were having Bauer I had no idea what I would do with a boy.  I wasn’t scared of them, I just had always been way more of myself around girls than boys.  I was intimidated by my baby boy even while he was in the safety of my womb.

Then we found out we were going to have another boy and I knew I was in for it.  But in these past few crazy years since Bauer was born and Bennett was added to the mix, I’ve learned that boys are special in a way I could never have predicted.

They love their mommas for sure, but they also stretch me in new and different ways every minute.  I have to be on my “A game” all the time to participate in a sword fight or tackle a “pantsless” wonder as he runs from the bathroom.

They melt your heart with a smile right after they have just filled the sink to overflowing so their pennies could take a bath or smeared oreo cookies all over their mouth.  They come out of their rooms as night and ask in the the sweetest voice if you could just come help them find one more building block for their fort master piece.

Boy oh boy…do I love me some boys.

They are so different than anything I could have every predicted.  But in the most wonderful way!

Below are a few pics of life lately:

Lots of men in my life to mow the lawn!Can little boys in plaid shorts be any more adorable??!!

Little boys (well Bauer) make you art projects at school that they color with their favorite crayon, BLACK!

These two crack me up!  Bauer is such a smiler these days!

Such a serious guy on his safari.


Did you actually eat any of that Oreo??


Investigating these “purple” flowers!

My favorite superheros!

I love bluebonnets!

If only we could really take a nap!

Such a big boy walking down the hill!

In love with spring so far….lots more short-wearing, flower-picking days ahead!

And lots more days learning about being a “boy” mom!

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The Murphy Clan is onto year 4 of this parenting adventure. We are happy to keep sharing some our proudest and silliest moments with all our family and friends. We hope you enjoy our new format!
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