Those “B” names…

Naming a child is one of the biggest responsibilities as a parent.

Sean and I had a pretty easy time coming up with our names.   Almost too easy.

I feel like most parents these days are putting a lot of thought into naming their children which I completely admire.  Their names all have a great story.  There is a lot of meaning into their name choices.

I love our Briana, Bauer and Bennett choice for names, but I can’t say there is a lot of history behind these names.  We just liked them.


If you pick a normal, traditional name it is totally okay to pick it just because you like it.  People just assume you are a traditional type person.  I’ve been asked only a handful of times why I picked the name Briana.  My answer is always the same.  I wanted to call her Bree but wanted her to have a good name to go on her future diplomas as well.  So Briana worked out well!  The irony in that whole situation is that my Bree would rather go by Briana so only my family calls her Bree.  The humor is not lost on me :)


However, when you pick an unique name like Bauer, you get asked a lot where that name came from.  I sometimes wish it was my great grandfather’s name or my mom’s maiden name.  But alas it is not.  It is a hockey brand.  Yep, my husband likes hockey and thus we named our kid Bauer.   To be honest for the first year of Bauer’s life, I was convinced we named him after Bauer Road that is halfway between Houston and College Station.  We drove that highway a lot when Sean we coaching Texas A&M’s Ice Hockey Team when I was in grad school down there.  I would tell people that story and Sean would people the hockey brand story.  I’ve now accepted the fact that the road was just an easy way to introduce me to Sean’s love for the hockey brand name.  And I’m totally okay with that.  I just hope Bauer loves and is good at hockey.  It will make so much more sense.

I picked up Bauer from school yesterday and one of the other boy’s dads asked me where we got that name.  Before I could answer he asked if we went to the University of Houston where they have the Bauer School of Business.  I said no and stated that my husband is a big hockey fan and so we named him after the hockey brand.  Yep, the blank stare that ensued was classic.  His teacher looked over and said “I assumed you just liked the show 24…with Jack Bauer.”  Yep, I’ve heard that one before.


And then we have Bennett.  It was my turn to pick the boy name.  I went running one day after Bauer was born and ran past a sign for a City Councilman’s campaign.  His name was Jimmy Bennett.  I just liked the way Bennett looked on the sign.  Also we were in a B themed naming trend so it worked out.  I liked that we could call him Ben.  I’d like to say that Jimmy Bennett is doing great things for Arlington, Texas as a City Councilman, but I truly have no idea.  I saw a similar sign a couple months ago so I guess he’s running again for reelection this year.  I should at least have voted for him.  Not sure if he was even representing my part of Arlington.

The good news is that the Bennett is an exceeding popular name these days so not many people ask where I came up with it.

I tell myself that at least my kids have meaningful middle names.  Bree has my middle name, Catherine.  And Bennett’s middle name is the last name of a family that was Sean’s second family growing up, Todd.

Well, that leads us back to Bauer…we just liked the name Alexander…hmmm.  Poor kid.

All I can say is those school projects where you have to talk about the origin of your name are going to be real interesting :)

Good luck to all my friends naming your kids these days.  My only advice is pick a name you don’t mind saying a MILLION and one times because you will reach that mark at about age 4 :)   And they still will act like they have no idea what their name is when they finally turn around after you’ve been calling their name for eternity!

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  1. sean says:

    The Alexander in Bauer Alexander Murphy gives the great acronym of BAM. I thought we could call him BAM BAM some day. We also need a Saint name. St. Alexander is the Patron saint of philosophers and was known “Alexander the Charcoal Burner” as he was considered very dirty at the time. (I think this is quite fitting). Alexander also has a lot of great shortening options, Julie’s favorite is Xander. I think Alex is a strong name. I still remember sitting at Julie’s mom’s kitchen table discussing it… Good times. Great post, my love!

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