Can you say TWO??!!!

And they just keep growing and growing and growing…

On the tail-end of an amazing trip to Walt Disney World, our baby Bennett celebrated his second birthday.  How it is possible you ask and how is it not possible I ask?  I can’t remember much of a time without him around.  I can’t remember not referring to baby Bennett and the two older b’s.  In two short years, Bennett has made such a profound impact on our family that it seems weird that he is ONLY two.

The older b’s bought gifts for Bennett at Disney World and were so excited to give them to him on his actual birthday.  It was so cute to watch Bree try to keep her present a secret from her 2 year old brother.  The older b’s also decided that we needed to have a birthday party for Bennett.  So despite having just returned from Orlando, we whipped up some cupcakes, invited over our sweet friends, the Rhodes, and had a impromptu pizza party for our newest 2 year old.

He had no idea what was going on, but by the end of the day, he was saying “Bennett two” and attempting to hold up two fingers to show his age.  Preciousness!

In honor of his newest favorite character, Mickey Mouse, we arranged his cake to look like him.  He really wanted nothing to do with Mickey or the cake.

And then came the presents :)

A Mickey Mouse Pillow Pet from Bree and a Mickey Mouse car from Bauer!

A fun color dry  erase board from Emmy!

And then pizza….it doesn’t get better than this….

Lastly there were games such as “crawl with baby JJ”…so fun to see our “baby” interact with a real baby!

Such a fun night and a great way to celebrate our Bennett.

Bennett continues to exceed the growth curve and weighed in at 34 pounds and is 37 inches tall according to his well appointment on Monday.  He’s in the 95th percentile for both weight and height…so he’s huge, but proportionally huge :)

He continues to love his time using the IPAD and was amazing people all during our Walt Disney World trip by his ability to play so many games and navigate the IPAD so well.  He knows all his letters and most of their sounds as well as most any animal you show him a picture of of he will name and then make the animal sound.  It’s so entertaining.  He impressed some hotel workers at the Animal Kingdom Lodge on our trip by naming all the animals on this big poster they had outside the campfire.  It’s hilarious to watch.  He’s just too smart for his own good.

His newest obsession is Dora the Explorer.  He watches the videos over and over in the playroom while laying on his pillow pet or climbing all over the couch.  He is totally content watching the show, reading books, playing all by himself.  It must be a 3rd kid thing.

Out of the three b’s, he’s the biggest lover of books.  He can read and read and read.  And he would love if you will read with him, but he also goes through a ton of books all by himself in his crib each night and each morning.  It’s just incredible to see how much he enjoys naming things and learning with each new book.

He’s talking, jumping, walking backwards and trying out tons of other new tricks everyday.  So fun to watch this guy grow and grow and grow.

The word “NO” has begun to surface much more than we would like as we enter into the “Terrible Two’s” but hopefully it will be short lived….

…yep I’m still delusional, even on kid number 3!

Happy birthday my baby Bennett…what a fun adventure it has been so far!

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