Welcome to Pic’s Surrounding Briana’s Birth!

Welcome to the world, Bree!

Bree getting her first check-up!

And weighing in at 7.76lbs…Briana Catherine Murphy!

Dr. Lombardi, the on-call doctor with a pair of hands that would have made Vince Lombardi proud.

Mom, say hello to your daughter.

Our very first family picture.

Dad, say hello to your daughter.

Dad, say hello to your daughter.

Look at those cute little cheeks.

Linked by more than just hands and fingers.

Three generations of Covert women.

Kelly, our incredibly helpful delivery nurse.

Dr. Liaci, Julie’s doc who got us through our 9 months.

Daddy’s cowlick. She’ll never forgive him!

Bree’s first feeding!

Such a healthy appetite.

Can she get any cuter?

Sound asleep with her binky!

We could look at her forever!

Keri, thanks for the 9 month overdo Bud Light!

Just hanging with mommy!

Three family members, now three labs!

All safe in Grammie’s hands!

Dressed up for her first official photo!

Mom and Bree praying for each other’s good health.

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