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If I had my way…

…this is how I would always watch my morning cartoons:

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Jumping into 4!

Yes, Princess Bree loves to jump and eat cake! She combined all her favorite things with all her favorite people this past weekend to celebrate turning 4! We had family and a few close friends join us at one of … Continue reading

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Who said this was hard…

Raising three kids is a breeze… They play together so nicely (fight broke out before I could put the camera down)… They allow me to change diapers with no protests at all (this was only my 14th attempt and I … Continue reading

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A walk in the park???

So the days of packing up Bree and Bauer in my beloved Double BOB stroller and going for a run or a walk up to the park are over.  There was a grieving process that had to occur because we … Continue reading

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Ski bunnies…

Sean and I were lucky enough to transport ourselves back into our pre-kids lives this past week and spend 5 glorious days with some of our best friends skiing in Colorado. There were lots of laughing, lots of falling, lots … Continue reading

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And the diaper bag hunt resumes…

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while AND you, more importantly, memorize every earth-shattering topic I write about, you may remember my post about diaper bags way back when I became a mom of two. You can read … Continue reading

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My boys…

Boys will be boys… That is an understatement of epic proportions… Truthfully, I never saw myself being a mom of a boy much less two boys.  The whole sports-playing, dirt-loving, smelly, booger-picking, knee-scraping, car-loving, always- wrestling boy stereotypes just never … Continue reading

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